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"Music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime isn't enough for music"

All our music classes are run through Irish music and drama-IMDA.  We offer one on one lessons ( private), group lessons and partner lessons. Catering for beginners right through to more advanced students.  Students from age 7 years through to adults lessons are offered. 


As well as offering guitar lessons on a one to one basis, we also have guitar club. Guitar club caters for kids age 8 to 18 years. This is a fun , affordable way to get kids into music. 


Individual instruction for both the new and more advanced student, with focus on the fundamentals of vocal technique. This includes breathing and breath management, freedom or production, registration, resonance, diction and artistic interpretation. Opportunities for recital performance provided. Private voice students must be at least 7 years old. Group lessons take place every Monday.



Private piano lessons are offered for ages 7 through to adult. Instruction is on keyboard pianos. Lessons cover keyboard familiarity, basic techniques, music-reading and repertoire. Students who express an interest in performance have frequent opportunities in recitals, festivals and contests

Price List

Private one on one lessons- 25 eur per half hour lesson, Term is 12 weeks


Group lesson- 10 eur per hour ( max group of 10) Term is 12 weeks



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