Our After School Service


National Childcare Scheme

Effective October 2019, the Irish government will be introducing 'The National Childcare Scheme', this scheme aims to make childcare accessible and affordable . For more information on applying for this scheme visit ncs.gov.ie

School Collection:

  • Each child is collected from school by a Muin staff member.  A ratio of 1:4 is strictly maintained on our collections. Whilst en-route back to the service  by walking orby  car, booster seats are provided for all children. If the school operates a school bus system children can be dropped directly to the service. 

We collect from the following local schools:

  1. Scoil Mhuire Cork

  2. North Presentation

  3. St. Joseph 

  4. Scoil Ghoirt Alainn 

  5. Blarney Street CBS

  6. Gaelscoil Peig Sayer

  7. St. Patricks 

  8. Scoil Oilibheir 

Please contact if you would like to find out more but your school is not listed.


  • Once back in our premises, the children relax, sit down and have their lunch ,An evening snack is also provided between 4-4:30pm each day.  For an idea on our snacks please see below for a few examples from our monthly menu

Snack:  A variety of different snacks are provided each day to keep the energy levels up before hometime. Some examples are: Brioche, rice cakes, crackers, smoothies, ham sandwiches and banana bread.

Fruit: The children have access to fresh fruit at all times throughout the day to have should they wish. 



  • Once the children have finished their meal we get straight down to the homework! 

  • As homework time is an important aspect of each day in afterschool, we endeavour to create an atmosphere which allows the children to focus and concentrate in a relaxed environment. 

  • Children are facilited to begin their homework and encouraged to complete it with some supervision. 


  • We are so lucky here at Muin, children can attend all their after school activities on our grounds. Super Stars Gymnastics, stage school, music lessons and lego club are all available options.

  • But if children would prefer not to register for extra activities , , secure and spacious outdoor area, as well as a stage and dance studio we also have plenty of games to keep them entertained. This safe area encourages the children to interact with each other whilst always under supervision. 

  • During our midterm and summer camps the children love taking part in all that activities. 

The National Childcare Scheme Cork