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Welcome to The Green Rooms Cork-Muin Ltd


The green rooms offers children a chance to explore their creative side while learning in a fun , safe and friendly atmosphere.

Our pre school Muin and after school provide an array of quality facilities and activities. While raising to the highest standards in childcare. 





All our classes, clubs , camps and workshops are designed to promote learning by engaging the emotions through role‑play, music, art& crafts, games, movement, dance, ballet , building club, drama and musical theatre.


By promoting fun, we help children learn and retain important life skills. Here children can make new friends and grow their confidence. The activities at the Green Rooms-Muin promote positive interaction among and between children. Its a place were children can be children. Classes offered begin at age 18 months and go all the way to 18 years.


Our Aim



All our children’s program provide an enjoyable place where young people can spend their time, where they feel welcome and safe and where everyone is treated with respect. Everyone wants to be in a place where they are happy, comfortable and have engaging and involving experiences.

Encouraging Social


Children are social beings, and most learning takes place in a social context. To boost learning, encourage interaction, sharing and teamwork. Child-to-child relationships matter, as do adult-child relationships. It is through our interconnectedness that we educate children to become fully developed people. Allow children to share, plan, design, create, problem solve and relate with one another.

Encouraging creative and critical thinking.


When working with children in any type of activity and asking questions, we want the children to think about, process and learn from the experiences they are engaged in. Rather than wanting a "right" answer, encourage their creative thinking by accepting and supporting what the children say Real learning happens through the process of solving a problem, not from answering correctly

Creating a place where
kids want to be


Emotions, laughter and just plain fun are all good for learning. Positive, engaging experiences lower stress and increase the availability of neurotransmitters needed by the brain for alertness and memory.

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