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Dance Class

This is a combination of theatre dance and dance class. Theatre Dance is a compilation of the different dance styles seen on Broadway. Due to the wide diversity of dance in musicals students cover a number of styles of dance depending on what piece they are working in their class from hip hop to theatre jazz there is something for everyone. The students also cover modern day artists in popular chart music. We also incorporate the dances of different eras, such as the Charleston from the 1920s, the Lindy from the 1950s and more. This class is a true dance class with a warm-up at the barre and in the center, followed by across the floor and a dance combination. This class builds an excellent repartee for students who are looking for a fun dance class or for students who wish to pursue dance as a career.


All performance classes in The Green Rooms are hosted by Super Stars Stage School. We advise all kids looking to start this class to also check out the super stars website


Day Tuesday time depends on age


Please visit the super stars 

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 Super stars stage school dance rehearsals at the Green Rooms  

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